May 24, 2024
– By Godswill Odiong

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The Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) has completed many projects in its Kaduna Region. The projects are being executed in all the States under the TCN Kaduna Region, which includes Kaduna, Zamfara, and Kebbi States. The Region is in charge of the 330kV line supply power to Niamey in Niger Republic.

Within the last three years, several projects have been executed in this Region; some of them are completely new, while others are the upgrade of existing infrastructure such as new line projects or lines reconductoring. Also, the execution of new substations or upgrading with new transformers and connecting them to the transmission network. TCN has also procured and delivered transformer accessories and other spares to the region to enable it function more efficiently and to ensure prompt attendance to fault.

As is with other Regions of TCN, the Kaduna region is diligently pursuing projects within the Region in line with the Nigerian Electricity Grid Maintenance, Expansion and Rehabilitation Programme (NEGMERP) of the present Management of TCN.


Some of the completed projects in the Region are:
 Installation of 60MVA, 132/33kV transformer in Gusau Substation, Zamfara State
 Installation and commissioning of 330/132/33kV line isolator at Zaria Substation
 Installation and commissioning of new distance protection relays for 330kV Jos line at Mando-Kaduna Town Substation
 Conversion of 33kV underground secondary armoured cable to overhead aluminium conductor on 60MVA 132/33kV transformer at Kaduna Town Substation
Some ongoing projects are:

 Construction of 132kV bay extension at Mando transmission Substation
 Construction of new 330/132/33kV transmission sub-station in Jaja.
 Construction of new 132/33kV Jaji transmission Substation.
 Construction of new 330/132/33kV transmission sub-station in Millennium Kaduna town
 Construction of new 132/33kV transmission substation in Mahuta.
 Construction of 2x330kV line bays at Sokoto new 330kV substation.
 Construction of transmission substation in Sokoto comprising 2x150MVA power transformers with 4x330kV line bays and outgoing feeders.
 Construction of 2x60MVA transmission substation with 6No. outgoing feeders in Sokoto State
 Construction of 2x150MVA transmission substation in Sokoto State with 4No 330kV line bays and 2x60MVA power transformers with 6No 33kV outgoing feeders.
 Construction of 150MVA transmission substation at Kalgo with 8x330kV line bays and 100MVA power transformer with 3No 33kV outgoing feeders.
 Construction of 2x60MVA transmission substation at Fakon-Sarki.
Some of the ongoing transmission line projects include:
 Construction of double circuit line from Kaduna to Jos.
 Construction of new 330kV 204km Double Circuit CCT Quad Conductor transmission line from Mando to Rimin Zakara, Kano.
 Construction of 330kV Double Circuit transmission line from Birnin-Kebbi to Sokoto.
 Construction of 145km 330kV Double Circuit transmission line from New Kalgo Transmission Substation to New Sokoto Transmission Substation.

As TCN continues to implement its grid expansion plans in Kaduna Region and in every other state of the Federation, the challenges notwithstanding, our goal is to put in place a very robust transmission grid comparable to any in the world.

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